Thursday, December 10, 2009


Please spread the word & sign this free petition. The school that hosted us in the Czech Republic is going to close. Petition

Saturday, March 14, 2009

19 is Not a Typo

Chad is abroad again. He took a class of 19 students to the Czech Republic, back to Kamenicky Senov where Thomas & I built snowmen, visited the fountain, celebrated the witch burning day, back to Novy Bor where we found fresh foods, ate fresh baked treats, visited friends & fountains, and saw St. Mikulas traverse from the church tower to the ground via zip line, back to Ceska Kamenice where we made such good friends, and of course back to Prague where the memories are so intense I can't begin to type all of them out. Nineteen students flew over to take the metro, then a bus,THE BUS, ha Kamenicky Senov, where the men will stay in our old flat, the women in the dormitory, while Chad & the other two professors will stay at a hotel. They are getting a grand glass tour & will make some incredible art. I can't wait to hear about the trip & if you couldn't tell, I'm feeling a little nostalgia. Not saying I want to return at this time of year while people still burn coal or anything, but nostalgia has occurred. I'm rather jealous that I'm not there sharing the excursions, or sharing my intricate knowlege of bus schedules or showing the students how to get the best foods in Ceska Lipa, or Decin, or the places for children to play or potty safely, or well so many things that were such a challenge last year, but alas, only important to other non Czech vegetarian mothers silly enough to move to Bohemia. Thomas misses our life in the Czech Republic, and reminds me of it quite often. Amazing how things turn out.