Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Here's a Haircut!

There's a hardware store in Novy Bor with a Serbian manager who speaks wonderful English. He learned as a teenager, and even now, as a senior citizen with no daily practice, he speaks fluent English. Puts my poorly pronounced Czech verb-nounage to shame. He's always very excited to see us, and eager to converse. The last time we went to his shop, he didn't have the item we were looking for and to ease his disappointment, we let him show us the local barber shop so Thomas could get a haircut. It was very kind of him, although we really didn't need any translation at all. The woman who cut Thomas's hair didn't speak one word, English or Czech. All she had to do was try to make eye contact with our little "Cousin-It" child, hand him a bowl of candy, and snip, snip, Thomas can see again!


Nannie said...

What a cutie! He's Nannie's little boy - all smiles and giggles! I love you Tom Tom so very much! Your hair looks soooo cute!

Love Nannie!

Anonymous said...

Nice picture! Tom reminds me of a Little Rascal. What was going on? Was he saying, "Cheeeeese?" Or was he just feeling great?

Chloe said...

Feeling great about the pizza and saying cheese with a mouthful of it!