Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bata Shoes

We went shoe shopping yesterday, courtesy of our wonderful friends pictured below, Carolina and Arthur. I hope I spelled the names right, because they are way cool. They packed us into Carolina's Volkswagon and drove us an hour to Liberec to show us the best places to shop. I had heard fairy tales of the wonder that is Bata shoes, but never experienced it. Chad found some awesome boots, and Arthur had similar luck. I did not, and am convinced that my quest for decent leather reasonably priced shoes is ridiculous, even in a country where the dollar is just slightly up. I must accept the fact that I need to pay at least $100 for a pair of stylish and practical shoes that are not made of man made materials, feel free to let me know if you know of the best place in the world to get shoes. I just can't deal with the smell of pleather on feet, so I have to pay for that option. It was a very nice evening, though. We thoroughly enjoyed our time out with our new friends, saw the City Hall fashioned after a building in Vienna, and got a personalized tour that has inspired us to return. We closed the night by eating a table full of fried cheese and potatoes while drinking beer and discussing politics together. They are vegetarian artists, too, so a fair amount of Bush bashing was involved.

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