Monday, September 24, 2007

I Need Praha for Dummies

The excitement leading up to our trip to Prauge for the Fulbright orientation was wonderful, the accommodations excellent, the company we kept was diverse and excellent as well, but the cold we caught, was not. Several others on the trip had the same thing, and I hope they are all feeling better. We hoped to stay in Prague over the weekend, my traveling spirit thinking a move to a cheap hostel Friday night would be no problem. However diaper supply (yes we are STILL potty training, or ignoring it until we pass the total pee-pee in the potty tantrums subside), clean clothes, energy all spoke otherwise, and we returned to Kamenicky Senov Friday afternoon. The city is really wonderful, but a city nonetheless, so while I appreciate much of what Prague may offer us at another time, we were rather limited, especially without a stroller, and I once again appreciate the slow small village life. Thomas’s little legs can’t carry him very far, and while the Fulbright organizers so generously provided us with a date to the opera (a date with the other grantees) and a babysitter that kept Thomas smiling, we will probably have to make several trips to fully appreciate what the city has to offer culturally. My pictures are limited, as I spent two of our days sleeping in our cushy hotel room with Thomas, two days traveling on buses and subways, and one locating diaper wipes & a playground. My attempts to wipe our surroundings into a sanitary state obviously didn't fool the cold germs. I can’t believe I am so glad to return to our little village. It is comforting to know where we can get home grown potatoes and tart apples to cook meals other than fried cheese & plum dumplings, where the bus stop is, and where we can find a friend with a washing machine in the land of no Laundromats. We did return to an unstable internet connection, so I apologize in advance for the lack of updates. We are waiting for the school to install something for our wireless connection. I’m feeling homesick, so please wish us luck with that.

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