Thursday, September 13, 2007

Prague Preview

We saw a bit of Praha, Prague, yesterday afternoon before attending the opening of, "Moser 1857-1997." What magnificence! The city isn't littered with commercialism, yet. We did spot a KFC, and McD's but they're probably already franchised on Mars. I bet the only place you couldn't find them would be the Antarctic. We found a wonderful little pub tucked at the end of a street whose name we could not find, after a 2 1/2 hour winding bus ride, and a 10Kr trip to the restroom. If you were in the restroom at that point you would have overheard me tell Thomas, "I've paid for you to go pee on the potty, so you will go now!" Anyhow, the food at the pub we went to was great, I had spinach gnocchi with blue cheese sauce, not too blue, and the staff was totally nice. They even showed us where we were on the map because the downside to a city that is not too commercial, is a lack of obvious street names. We bumbled along the water for a while, saw the Charles Bridge and went to the opening with a rather tired and cranky Thomas. The sun set over Prague's castle, I got a shot of the "The Dancing Building," after Ginger Rogers, Fred Astaire, and the dome is Medusa, the rest are just images we happened upon while walking. Frantisek took us home in his car, yippeee, but he parked at the edge of the city so we spent a nice journey on the subway with some exchange students from UW, Seattle, of all places. They made me miss the states, one was even holding a fresh lily just dripping in pollen. Sweet.

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