Monday, January 14, 2008

MONDAY's still happen

Well, a 4:50am cab ride, 3 hour train ride to Prague, a walk to the embassy, then ministry, mini grocer (all located up an icy cobblestone hill, like a mile long, done with overnight baggage) translator, mall-what trip is complete without a trip to the mall?-for more passport size photos and espresso, search for accommodation-we tried to hostel it, but it cost $20 less than our hotel choice, and the hostel had no private toilet or breakfast and smelled of sweaty teenagers-nap-time, grocery store-then surprise-wild search for an English speaking urgent care for Thomas's emerging ear infections, several attempts at the public transport, a doctor visit, another wild attempt at public transport, a visit to an ear nose and throat specialist (is this still the same sentence?), diagnosis of a middle ear infection in both ears, prescriptions, a successful public transport ride to a closed lekarna (pharmacy), another trip to the grocery store for a fruit popsicle for the little trouper, a visit for Afghan take-away dinner way past bedtime, a bath, stories, and now several beers.  Na zdravi!


Tom said...

Hi Sweetheart,
Hope our young fellow is doing better today, and that you were able to fill the prescriptions. Gees! What a Monday.
Am thinking good thoughts that all is working out without too much of a strain.
If either of you can, drop us a line.
Love, Dad

Chloe said...

Thank you, Dad!
Sorry I didn't get in touch sooner, it's been a full week. We think Thomas is getting better. Chad's got the paperwork more or less under control. We went to a specialist in Novy Bor on Thursday. Both specialists performed Myringotomy (s) & I would like to avoid doing that again. He's on antibiotic & we're trying to keep the air in our flat moist & less dusty. He's gone vegan, and we've seen draining in the worst ear, so hopefully this will pass. Thank you for the note.