Saturday, January 12, 2008

Once in a Lifetime

I mentioned my parent's visit, and must elaborate just a little since it really was such a lovely visit. It was wonderful to have their company and feel so special in their presence over the Christmas holiday. I just don't have enough words to relate how much we really appreciated them, the memories we created, & our time together so I'll focus on the humorous parts. We bumbled around Prague together freezing our noses, fingers, and toes trying to generously appeal to everyone's desires and needs while not missing any sights one just "HAS TO SEE" while in the jewel of Europe. We survived the metro (thank you Mom, it is an acrophobic's nightmare), the 2 1/2 hour bus to Senov, our flat in Senov, and the motion sickness express bus (no express about it) back to Prague. Through it all my folks kept Chad and I from killing anyone, including each other, or beating our child in the process. Just kidding there, Thomas was extremely patient, quite a little man. I didn't realize just how much of one until the moment when Chad & I were about to succeed in bludgeoning each other over the decision about which direction to take our folks though the old square. With perfect timing and inflection Thomas yelled "Jesus Christ!"

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