Sunday, January 20, 2008


I fell asleep before sip two of the beer(s) mentioned below, and awoke to a bright and smiling Thomas and Chad bearing a filled prescription.  Thomas was in a great mood after the specialist we saw in Prague performed a Myringotomy in both of his ears. I've spoken with several Czech people about this procedure, and it seems the preferred way to handle ear infections.  Unfortunately they do smaller procedures to children without anesthetic.  There are issues regarding anesthetic, but holding a screaming child down while a doctor performs a painful procedure is horrid.  I have faith in the extent of Czech medical research & practice-especially since they are quicker to prescribe a natural remedy to attack the root of a problem, rather than medicate a symptom as they do in the states-but I don't like the way they've handled my son at every visit so far.  We endured a 3rd myringotomy in Novy Bor at our follow up visit in the same style.  The doctor asked us to return the next day, and I did not.  I had no idea what they were going to do and no way of communicating clearly.  I think two holes in the ear drum are enough for it to drain, and do not want to return to a situation where I must physically restrain Thomas while a doctor hurts him.  I think this practice needs to change.  It shows no respect to children and no respect for their developmental stages.  Maybe I'm wrong, maybe they've figured out the best way to avoid medications, complications, etc.  It just doesn't feel right.  I believe that the least invasive methods are the best, especially for ears.   So anyway, we've been trying to keep him stress free, dairy free, and happy, putting antibiotic drops in his ears, feeding him antibiotic in his soy "desserts,"  dusting like maniacs, humidifying the air, and pumping him full of echinacia vitamin C gummy bears.  I've looked for calendula oil, and wonder if anyone knows a reliable brand I can order online?  I assume calendula oil would be the best type to drop in his ears, as there is broken skin in there right now.   I would really appreciate advice about any of this.  

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Tom said...

Good Morning,
I did some research this morning, and found that what you all went through is a reliable technique for draining the eardrum of fluid. This process was quite common before the use of antibiotics. The holes heal in about two weeks. Try to keep bathwater, and other types of non-medicinal fluids out of Tom's ears. What a relief it was to read that. Sadly, better communication could have relieved the anxiety we all felt, but thankfully, Tom is better, and I feel relieved. Hope this helps you too. Love, Dad