Thursday, February 7, 2008


In the event of fantastic weather or belly-button-lint-picking-season, ignore this post. Actually, I would have appreciated some of this information as we were preparing our budget, packing before moving, and while searching for household goods via public transport in rural Czech Republic.

Things we are glad we brought with us: lots of children's clothing (they can be pricey & darn it, our kid grows),children's books, one set of queen size linens, one towel & washcloth per person, entire medicine cabinet contents (it is possible to get most things here between drogeries & lekarnas, however when you need tums or advil, it's really difficult to demonstrate the patience necessary to locate them until familiar with the town), kitchen tools-garlic press, cheese slicer, potato peeler, scissors, measuring spoons, bottle openers, sharp knives, and a linen dishtowel-thick blue jeans, winter hats, gloves, scarves, computer gear, backpacks, all weather boots, walking shoes, camera gear, electrical converters, and international t-mobile compatible cell phone, and research materials (books), bathing suits (swim diapers), formal wear, vitamins, art supplies, and backpacks. Many of these things are high quality & available here. Unfortunately we have run into really high quality goods for high prices, and really poor quality goods in Asian import stores at affordable prices. Frustrating, when you would rather spend time enjoying the abroad experience & researching rather than consumption.

Things we've purchased here with prices that I recall: teflon frying pan (150Kc, Ikea), teflon spatula, electric teapot (Kauflan 199Kc sale), coffee press, alarm clock (300Kc, Plus), mop & broom & buckets (between 400 & 800Kc average just for the mop!), extra linens & pillows for guests (2000Kc, at OBI & Interspar), faucet water filter (700Kc), several pair of children's shoes for our sprout (average $25-$35 on sale for quality boots & sneakers, full price for leather shoes or good snow boots $50 to $100), and clothes for the sprout (300Kc for lined winter pants, 80Kc for turtleneck shirts), a little potty seat (200Kc), and lamps. I wish we had made a huge Ikea list & made a trip to one of Prague's Ikea's with empty suitcases, since their prices are good for adequate quality.

Things we were sent from loving friends and family we couldn't locate here easily or for a reasonable price: Oven thermometer, pot-holders, red hot pepper flakes, powdered hummus, ground cumin (Rimsky Kmin seeds are found here in natural food stores), contact lens rewetting drops & solution, food mill (in the absence of a blender/food processor), mesh strainer, English picture books for our son (we have many in Czech), ink cartridges for the printer, natural foods, cookbooks, toys, toddler clothes, organic peanut butter, sewing kit, cheese grater, teaspoon sized teaspoons, and much,much more. I will have to update this.

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