Sunday, February 24, 2008


Dobry rano! Wouldn't it be great if we all looked this great first thing in the morning? We need haircuts. When we first arrived in Kamenicky Senov I was overwhelmed by many things, positive and negative. There were times when I wanted to set up our portable dvd player, pop in our Backyardigan's DVD's, and cuddle up to Thomas in bed all day, and not take a step out of our flat. I had no way to communicate with the locals, no phone, no internet, and it was scary. Fortunately we needed to eat & part of me knew that spending the next 10 months trying to keep my son appeased with English cartoons and pretzels wouldn't be a healthy or an optimal way to experience our adventure here. I convinced myself we had to leave the flat and interact with people every single day. I carry a little slovnik or phrase book/dictionary everywhere I go. It even goes with me to take out the trash, I don't know what trash is in Czech, but it doesn't sound like trash. Can you imagine the trouble I might encounter while taking a small bag of trash down a flight of stairs and 1 meter to our trash can outside? The possible misunderstandings are just infinite. Soooo my son needs a haircut. He endured a home cut last month sometime, but it took waaaaay too long in adult years which one must multiply by 4000 to equal toddler years. I'm nervous. My husband did pretty well getting a haircut recently, but he did have to ask the lady to please remove an inch or so from his forehead after she buzz cut everything, except bangs. She gave him MAN BANGS, like maybe it's cool if you're Frankenstein tall, exist on a diet of trendy sarcasm, marlboro lights, & espresso, listen to goth, and have a penchant for black leather pants and short puffy purple vests, BUT that is not my husband. Thank GAWD. Anyway, I'm scared. The other children here all have the same stock buzz cut, almost bald. Thomas can pull off just about any look, pant-less pirate, blue paint forehead special, etc. but I must procure some pictures and do some heavy studying in my slovnick before we embark upon the kadernicky. That said, I'm considering asking for the buzz cut for myself, since the water here has my hair somewhere in between frizzy, limp, dry, oily, and big all at the same time. Don't even get me started on the availability of hair products here that don't cause my scalp to throw up its arms, scream retreat, and leave my head in despair. We'll see. Tomorrow is a new hair day.

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