Saturday, February 2, 2008

Supertramp lives on

Heard the last hour or so.

"Tommy want little bit of snack?"
"Tommy want a little bit of Pablo(Backyardigans)story?"
"Tommy want a little bit DVD?"
"Tommy want a little bit hard boiled eggy"
"Tommy need a little bit of pants?"
"Tommy want a little bit chocolate treat?"

Give a "little bit" is the newest bargaining tactic. Always in the third person, and "of" and "a" are optional. My favorite is a request for a little bit of pants. How did this one come about? He is naturally warmer than I am so we are comfortable letting him play in a turtle neck shirt, sweater, big boy underwear, and socks while he learns how to use the nocnik (little potty seat) to pee pee like a big boy without having accidents while trying to navigate the mysteries of elastic waisted pants. Other than pant removal, potty training is going well, thank you to Madelaine. On a recent play-date Julie suggested Thomas could use Madelaine's nocnick if he had to go potty, while Madelaine would use a purple one. He never used hers, but agreed to use a yellow one in our flat. So of course the next day I took the first bus, camped out in front of the baby furniture store until the door was unlocked, and bought a yellow nocnik. Fortunately for the salesperson who tried to sell me one that would play music when pee hit the bottom, and was thus facing incomprehensible stream of consciousness rage in English-they had one yellow potty. We've had a week of big boy pants and successful use of the yellow potty.

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