Saturday, February 16, 2008


In case you're wondering...
neperliva voda=no gas water
perliva voda=gas water

Please try not to snort while suppressing maniacal giggles when your kind Czech server asks you which you prefer, "Vater vit gas or vitout?" My mother was better at this than me. Potty humor never fails.

Celozrnna Mouka=Whole Wheat Flour

Please, when trying to locate whole wheat flour, make sure you ask the shop assistant for moookaa, not moookhhha. They will look at you inquisitively and might consider directing your strange vegetarian-natural-food-freak self out to the dumpster full of vermin because well you're a non-Czech speaking, non-meat loving weirdo asking for a bag of flies.

Yes, there are many wonderful things we have experienced that I could write about, but it's more fun to record how I make an ass of myself.

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